Shri Guru Charithra


Shri Guru Charitra

The Shri Guru Charitra compiled and authored by revered Shri Suresh J Pai Guruji has been published in English, Kannada and Marathi, which is available to the Devotees who have spread across the Globe. This book elaborately speaks about the divine incarnation of Shri Datta Guru, His divine glories and avatars (i.e Shri Shripad Shri Vallabha and Shri Narasimha Saraswati Swamiji). In this treasure, an attempt is made to highlight all the aspects governing the relationship between Guru and Shishya, Guru’s significance in the spiritual life, the duties and obligations of disciples towards Guru and other matters related to spiritual discipline.

It is a must for aspirants as it equips them with spiritual knowledge and leads them on the righteous path.  It helps us to get transformed from mere physical beings into spiritual beings.  An additional feature of this noble book is footnoted which helps the aspirants to absorb the cream more fruitfully.

Shri Guru Charithra


Shri Guru Charithra


            Guidelines for reciting the Charitra

  • It is beneficial to read preface and chant the name of Shri Datta Guru before and after the recitation of Guru Charitra.
  • Shri Guru Charitra should be recited reverentially with a firm commitment to truth, religion, pure deliberation and rightful conduct along with the purified mind.
  • Before the recitation of this Charitra, the devotee should take bath, perform Sandhyaa Vandana ritual, remember venerable ones, offer respects to Guru, God, elders and ancestors. Then, one should pronounce almanac and make volition for reciting the Charitra..
  • Recitation should be done facing eastern or northern direction.
  • The devotee must practice purity as per scriptural injunctions.
  • Every day, after recitation of this sacred Charitra, the ritual of Uttar Pooja should be performed.
  • The pious book should be kept at Worshipping place and worshiped with gandha and flowers. It should be wrapped preferably in a silk cloth.

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