How to get there

The temple, which is located amidst the lusty green surroundings is built according to Vaastu, is an architectural marvel by itself and a gem of beauty. The entire setting makes it an ideal place for meditation. Hence people are drawn to this beatutiful place for spiritual bliss. The temple is located at Shiroor in Harikhandige. This temple is accessible by road from Udupi, Perdoor, Karkala via Hiriyadka and Sringeri (via Thirthahalli) via Perdoor. Tap on the link to View location on the Map.

By railway

Nearest Railway Station is Udupi (station code: UD), 19 kms away.

By Air

Nearest airport is Bajpe International Airport, Mangalore (airport code: IXE), roughly 70 kms away.

By Road

  • Bus timings from Udupi
    (Morning to Evening)
    From 06:15 to 20:30
  • From Perdoor to Harikhandige
    (Every 30 minutes)
    From 07:15 to 20:15
  • Harikhandige to Udupi
    (Every 30 minutes)
    From 06:55 to 19:00.

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