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Situated amidst scenimaintemple2c surroundings in Udupi district near Perdoor of coastal Karnataka state is Harikhandige village, where people throng in search of peace and spiritual inspiration. As ordained by Goddess Shri Mahalasa Narayani, His Holiness Guruji Shri Suresh J Pai — a former lecturer at Panaji College, Goa — chose Harikhandige as the spiritual hub for teaching, preaching and social service mission.

With the cooperation of his followers, he built the temple and got involved in Her service.

The Shri Ram Bhakta Maruti temple is situated right in front of the temple of Shri Mahalasa. Shri Mahaganapati & Shri Mahadev Temple, Shri Datta Guru Peetha, Shri Navagraha and the Nagabana are the other seats of worship in the surrounding area.

There is also an impressive Yajna Mantap, constructed according to the Shastras, for conducting various havanas and homas.

Shri Narayani Teertha

Shri Narayani Teertha

It is a lovely place with rich vegetation all around and a shimmering tali or tank, called the Shri Narayani Teertha. Earlier, the Kshetra, which came up in an scorched area covered by hard rocks and stones, saw an acute scarcity of water before the construction of the temple. As this three-acre piece of land was considered to be totally useless,it remained uncultivated, unused and neglected. In short, it was abandoned.

While digging through the hard rock, many were ready to give up the hard work, as it was said that not even a drop of water would be found in that entire area. However, the Supreme Mother indicated to His Holiness Guruji Shri Suresh J Pai to continue digging at a particular spot. An lo and behold, water did indeed burst forth.

The reservoir came up only due to the Supreme Mother Mahalasa’s own volition in this barren land. Those who were sceptical about constructing a temple in such a waste land are now silenced.

This miraculous act — one of the first of many such acts of Goddess Mahalasa Narayani — has strengthened belief among Her devotees that this Kshetra is now Her favoured dwelling place.

Presently, devotees of Shri Mahalasa Narayani and followers of Guruji vouch for the fact that they get mental peace the instant they step into the Kshetra. Once they have bowed before the Goddess, Her grace surely follows.

At Harikhandige, the number of meritorious ones who are aspiring for happiness and peace and those who have qualified themselves to earn Mother’s grace, is growing day by day. All these features make the place a heaven on earth for all peace-loving people.


A sketch of Shri Mahalasa Narayani’s temple by a famous Udupi architect, Shri Amit Shenoy



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